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Why does BlackBOX OSINT publish public investigations in addition to working on private orders?

Our country is defending its freedom in the biggest war of the 21st century fighting an insidious and dangerous enemy. However at the same time behind the heroic struggle of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the frontline Kremlin minions hide behind a huge web of shell companies and figureheads in the rear continuing to do their “business” in the shadow.

Our social mission is to use our knowledge and skills to expose the country’s traitors. We hope the publication of indisputable evidence of their cooperation with an enemy businesses and government institutions will attract an attention of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

A corrupt officials who rob the country, the military, steal humanitarian aid, those who think they can hide behind their money and connections in state structures and government, they all need to know that we have no obstacles to find every traitor and every fact betrayal.

Anyone who makes money from the war and the suffering of Ukrainians, who collaborates with the enemy, who considers corruption to be the norm, who steals and who turns a blind eye to this and silently watches – everyone is an enemy. We are committed to exposing these traitors so that the public and hopefully law enforcement could ask them the appropriate questions and bring them to justice.

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